Datsun 260Z

Powerglide - Yellow

Title: Yellow
Author: Mark Jones
Character: Powerglide
Word count: 1270
Rating/Warning: G
Theme: Rainbow

Summary: After going off the farm, Powerglide attends a debrief with his immediate superior, the still quite junior Bumblebee.

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Cosmos' 7 Holy Virtues

Finally finished my 7_minibots challenge for Cosmos, with each prompt taken from the biblical "Seven Heavenly Virtues".

Stories are mostly rated G to PG, and in addition to Cosmos, also feature other characters, notably: Optimus Prime, Jazz, Sunstreaker and Blast Off amongst others.

1. Love - Stranger Than Fiction; features Sunstreaker, Sideswipe and Ratchet.
2. Kindness - Act of Kindness; features Jazz and Perceptor
3. Generosity - Just Say Thanks; features Blast Off
4. Diligence - Help From Above
5. Abstinence - Not Into Temptation; features Blast Off
Humility - The Hardest Word; features Optimus Prime
7. Patience - Good Things Come

Stopping By Woods On A Sunny Afternoon

Beachcomber - The Seven Chakras - Muladhara

Title: The Fix’d Foot
Author: tiamatschild
Character: Beachcomber
Word count: 1,444 words
Rating/Warning: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers!
Group/Theme: For 7_minibots: The Seven Major Chakras – Muladhara (governs stability and survival)
Summary: Perceptor has never been able to get Beachcomber to do anything. Not for his own good, and not for the good of the world.

The Fix'd Foot
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Adminly Notice of Stuff

In the interests of security and my own peace of mind and because it's something I should have done a long time ago anyway, I've backed up the entire community from the beginning until now on my harddrive. This means, should anything happen to this community, I've got copies of everyone's fics just in case. However, if you don't have backup copies of your stuff on your own computers, I highly suggest backing up ASAP. LiveJournal has an export feature that allows you to save as an .xml file. There is also ljarchive which has a few more bells and whistles and which also works with LJ clones (i.e. other journals that use the LJ code). Or you could go the lazy 'edit entry', 'select all' then paste into WordPad method I used on my personal LJ (presuming you're not one of those clever sods who saves everything the first time 'round *G*). Whatever floats your boat
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Tailgate -- 7 ages of man -- Death/Senility

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Transformers
Characters: Tailgate, Elise Presser
Prompt: Ages of Man -- Death/Senility
Word Count: 769 words (approximate)
Rating: G/PG
Summary: Tailgate and Elise Presser talk about death and moving on.
Author's Notes: The Keith Richards incident was something originally reported in the magazine NME, I first heard of it over at Fandom_Lounge. Apparently, Keith Richards has come forward and said that he meant it as a joke and he was really surprised people actually took him seriously. Figure this story takes place before Elise finds out it's fake. Or in this world, he really did snort his father. This completes my 7_Minibots Challenge! WHOOT! Takes place before Angsty Pipes.

Untitled: Ages of Man -- Death/Senility -- Fake cut back to my journal. My last fic! YAY!